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Subscriptions and Fares

What is velospot?

velospot is an automatic bicycle rental system. The bicycles in numerous rental stations are based in several Swiss towns and can be opened with a registered smart card. The rent will be terminated as soon as the bicycle at any rental station in the same network is again completed. The plans of the networks can be found under "Locations".

Where can you buy access cards?

The annual subscriptions can be ordered on this website through "Registration" easiest. You will receive your access card within a few days by mail. The day passes and annual subscriptions can be directly related also to different outlets. The addresses of sales agents can be found under the heading "locations".

How much cost velospot?

Whether you move every day or on certain days with velo spot if you are a company or private person, under the headings of the cities you find the right spot velo access card.



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